Victory in Mauritania!

Enslavement is finally a crime in Mauritania. Although outlawed in 1981, slavery still continues openly in the country. Until today, no punishment existed for enslaving others or attempting to justify the the chattel system.

Since its inception, AASG has worked to eradicate slavery in Sudan and Mauritania. Today we were proud to say that the Mauritanian government has taken a step in the right direction. While this is a great victory for abolitionists everywhere, we are also aware that the fight is not over. We urge the Mauritanian government to see today as a foundation on which to make further efforts to end slavery once and for all.

The clandestine SOS Slaves, a Mauritanian human rights organization, has advocated to get this legislation passed. Our associate Abdel Nasser Ould Yessa, is a former slave owner and co-founder of SOS Slaves. He works with them in exile in France.

To learn more about slavery in Mauritania visit Yessa’s biography here.

To learn more about the legislation that was passed, check out some of the following stories: Voice of America News, Telegraph, Guardian Unlimited, Miami Herald, BBC World News.