Sudan Update: Worst Flooding in Recent History

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This week has brought news of the worst flooding in Sudan in decades, displacing tens of thousands as heavy rainfall has swelled the banks of the White and Blue Nile Rivers and caused at least 41 flash floods across the country.

“What happened this year can only be matched by what happened 40 years ago,” Riek Machar, the Vice President of South Sudan, told the BBC after touring the flood-affected areas.

The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies expect 2.4 million people to be affected by the flooding before the rainy season ends in September.

Standing water left behind by the floods provides a breeding ground for mosquitoes, often bringing with them outbreaks of malaria. At least 25,000 and as many as 35,000 homes have been destroyed, as well as over 100 government buildings, including schools, and roads are shut down throughout the country. Added to the ongoing violence in Sudan, it is not hard to see why the rainy season, in particular, is a crucial time for aid delivery.

Since the beginning of June we have raised nearly 2/3 of our $75,000 goal, which will help purchase and deliver vital supplies–tarpaulins to protect from the rain; mosquito nets to protect from malaria; food for the remainder of the rainy season and seed to plant for harvest when it ends. To all of those who have contributed over the past two months, our many thanks.

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