Success Stories


Jeff helped raise $5,000
for the anti-slavery movement
when he ran the Boston Marathon
in 2005.

Marathon Sponsorship

When Jeffrey Louis Perrin decided he would run the Boston Marathon, he knew he wanted it to be for a good cause. He chose to use the opportunity to raise money for AASG given the organization’s admirably “multi-faceted” approach to ending the slavery and genocide in Sudan. Jeff emailed his friends and family about his plans and then called AASG with his idea. Within hours, we had a web page for his campaign up and running; we also sent an action alert to members of our online Freedom Action Network (FAN), encouraging them to support Jeff’s efforts. 26.2 miles later, Jeff had raised a whopping $5,000 for the anti-slavery movement.

Benefit Concert

The Moorestown Friends School of Moorestown, NJ has nurtured a local tradition with their three year-running “Emancipation Rocklamation” – a benefit concert raising money to free slaves in Sudan. Moorestown students invited student and local bands — including SGR, Public Access, No Damn Problem, and The Skautopsies — to perform in their ska music extravaganza. Altogether, the past three Emancipation Rocklamations have raised over $10,000 for AASG’s work.

Bat Mitzvah Project

For her Bat Mitzvah project, Jenna Cohen chose to help free slaves in Sudan. Her plan of attack was a combination of education and fundraising. She created flyers and fact-sheets about modern slavery which she posted around her school. In addition, she made bracelets and necklaces which she sold for $3 and $5 each. In all she raised $540 — enough to free fifteen slaves in redemption campaigns.

Staged Demonstration

Concerned for the plight of victims of the Sudanese genocide, Bucks County Community College’s Human Right’s Club organized a trail of mourning and “die-in.” The trail of mourning involved posting photos of Sudanese victims throughout every level of the school — from the bottom floor of the College’s Student Center up to the top floor of the cafeteria. There in the cafeteria, the students held a “die-in” which involved ten students dressed in black falling to the floor and remaining there for almost an hour, while several other students went through the cafeteria begging. The event caught the attention of the campus as well as that of the local media local press attention and raised $1,000 for AASG.

Jewelry Sale

Amelia and her friends decided to spread awareness of modern slavery while financially supporting the movement to end it by making 100 brass rings. To the rings, which they sold for two dollars each, they attached tags with the slogan “Let Freedom Ring” on one side and AASG’s website address on the other. At their sale table they featured a large show board educating their classmates about the horrors of modern slavery and handed out fact sheets. The rings sold out, raising $285, which was doubled thanks to a matching grant — totaling $570. To learn more about matching grants, contact us.


Niki and Sarah tabling at their Student Union.

Movie March and Demonstration

As self-proclaimed “poor college students,” Niki and Sarah were not sure whether they were in a position to help support the movement to end slavery and genocide in Sudan. Then, inspiration struck. They decided to stage a dramatic demonstration, marching down Main Street to the local theater, in front of which they organized a demonstration themed “Prevent Hotel Darfur,” after the critically acclaimed 2004 movie “Hotel Rwanda,” which tackled the genocide that ravaged the country there in 1994.

Hoping to kill two birds with one stone, Niki and Sarah sought to raise awareness about the genocide in Darfur while earning course credit for their work by crafting an independent study. Their study developed an anthropological understanding of the human rights crisis in Sudan, in order to then spread awareness on our campus community. They displayed bulletin boards in the Student Union, held information nights, and handed out petition letters to representatives and congressmen at information tables in the Student Union at peak times. They sold green ribbons for $1 apiece and donated the proceeds to AASG.