Sexual Slavery: Can You Really Define It?

The Department of Justice (DOJ) is doing just that. According to a recent article in Front Page Magazine, “a prostitute or a victim of trafficking is entitled to justice but only if he/she has been “forced, tricked or coerced” into doing what the DOJ calls “sex work” – and only if they can prove it.”

In addition, the DOJ is more sympathetic to those victims in third world countries as opposed to a young woman from Massachusetts or California. Most shocking is that a minor, yes a child, used in “commercial sex acts” is not considered “coerced” or “duped” as defined by the DOJ. The most vulnerable, those who need this protection the most, are subjected to less because they cannot defend themselves or prove their own case.

Why is the DOJ failing? How are those connected to legalizing “sex work” opposing abolitionists in a new way? Read the full article, “Stopping Sexual Slavery” by clicking here.