Our Initiatives

After a period of self-reflection, thinking and planning the American Anti-Slavery Group is back with an enhanced and transformed mission. For the past two decades the American Anti-Slavery Group has been leading a movement to abolish modern day slavery worldwide focusing primarily on the systems of chattel slavery in Sudan and Mauritania. We are now expanding our mission to build a human rights community that treats the suffering of all humans equally.

Here in brief is our agenda:

  • Charles Jacobs is publishing a book on AASG, which includes an analysis of the failure of the establishment human rights organizations to come to the aid of the world’s slaves. This should stoke a much-needed conversation. More info coming soon
  • Continue, as before, to free slaves when we can. We are as always working with Christian Solidarity International (CSI), contributing to and participating in their program of redeeming slaves in Sudan. For more info click here
  • Continue to update our members and the public on the general plight of slaves around the world. (We’ve published widely, for example in the Encyclopedia Britannica, on this topic in the past, and will continue to do so. More info coming soon
  • Build a Sudan Slavery Archive, to create a historical record – a virtual museum – of the many victims of slavery in Sudan. More info coming soon
  • Build a new human rights community guided by one standard for human rights, through publication, debate and linking to other groups whose mission focuses on helping those oppressed by non-Westerners. For more information, click here

We will continue to have our speakers bureau and our newsletters and we will continue to take on – frontally, as before – slavers, their apologists and their Western enablers.