The United States fought a civil war to end it and the whole Western world wallows in guilt over it, yet the enslavement of black Africans today is a taboo subject. (Shutterstock)

Modern-Day Black Slavery is Taboo: The Real Reason Why

Reports of the enslavement of blacks by Arabs and Muslims in five African countries today are generally ignored in the media, or given an occasional treatment. The same is true of the human rights organizations, who have known about this for decades, but who have never made it a major priority.

In other words, just why is the very atrocity whose abolition cost 620,000 American lives in the Civil War, whatever the location, positively taboo today?

There are several reasons:

  • 1. Western human rights groups focus on Western sins and crimes. The crime of black slavery at the hands of non-white people (Arabs and black Muslims) distracts from their main concern: to function as a method for Western idealists to proclaim themselves to be the “good whites.” As Western prosperity is built upon stolen wealth, they ignorantly believe, the white people who, then and now, have oppressed and stolen from non-white people must seek expiation for their sins. Attempting to improve Westerners’ behavior in the face of non-Western, “dark-skinned” suffering is the actual goal of these groups. If that suffering is specifically caused by non-white cruelty, then the real victims are out of luck.
  • 2. The progressives, who dominate media and the left, have adopted “intersectionality” as a method of understanding and organizing. Intersectionality posits that America and the West in general is dominated by a white “patriarchy” which oppresses minorities. These minorities, the progressives insist, should identify exclusively as oppressed victims of this power structure. They consist of women, blacks, homosexuals, transgenders, Latin Americans, Asians, and, recently, Arabs and Muslims. (Jews, however — quite ironically, in light of their history of being oppressed for not being considered part of “white” Western civilization — are now considered “white” in this scheme.) If one group of “victims” were seen to be oppressing another group, however, this would explode the whole strategy and the concept. In this case, if blacks learn that Arabs and Muslims enslave blacks today, the entire scheme might be challenged, and blacks might flee the coalition in disgust.
  • 3. Most obviously, criticism of Islam or Muslim behavior, anywhere in the world or of any kind, is taboo. Nobody wants to be smeared as an “Islamophobe” or a “racist,” whatever the cause.

Therefore, modern-day black chattel slavery itself is taboo — or almost taboo — where it counts: in Africa itself, where it is actually happening. Not in the West, where it has been wiped out for generations, and where it is universally acknowledged as evil.

The Western world, and Americans in particular, must rid themselves of this moral psychosis and come to the aid of today’s slaves — regardless of who owns them.

Read the American Anti-Slavery Group’s reports on the enslavement of blacks in Africa today.