Get Permission!

It is important to secure permission to hold an event. If you are holding an event at your school, on campus, at your church, synagogue or temple, then remember to talk to the administrators. If you are hosting a public event, be sure to check with your local police department about laws regarding public gatherings and get all relevant permits – you may have to wait a week or two before your permit is approved.

Rent Audio Equipment

Depending on the size and location of your event, you will need to rent different equipment for your speakers to be heard. Good places to rent include party supply stores and music stores. When you call the store tell the representative as many details as possible about your event such as how many people will be there and if you have an electric outlet. If you are associated with a school, look for campus groups or music groups to let you borrow microphones, speakers, and amplifiers. Test out any equipment before the day of the event.

Co-Sponsors and Volunteers

Co-sponsors can help defray the costs of an event and be a source of volunteers. So look for groups and individuals who would be willing to help out. Political, cultural, and religious organizations are a good place to start. Go to one of their meetings, call them up or send them an email to get them excited and motivated to co-sponsor.