The grave list of exalted organizations dedicated to protecting human dignity, but who have knowingly and callously betrayed hundreds of thousands of black slaves for decades.

Human Rights Groups are a Hoax: How They Abandoned Black Slaves

All of the mainstream human rights organizations in the West are a scam.

They have been ignoring one of the most brutal abuses of man by man on the planet — the enslavement of black Africans which continues to this day. Indeed, for decades, modern-day human bondage was mostly ignored by Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch, the two giants in the field.

In fact, in 1994, after the American branch of Amnesty adopted a resolution to add human bondage to the organization’s mandate, they were later rebuffed by Amnesty’s central committee based in London.

The original July 13, 1994 New York Times op-ed by Dr. Charles Jacobs and Mohamed Nacir Athié, two of the founders of the American Anti-Slavery Group, which specifically broke the story of modern-day black slavery to the general public when the human rights community would not. (The New York Times / American Anti-Slavery Group)

Even more despicably, a great deal of the original evidence of modern-day slavery in Africa came from Amnesty and Human Rights Watch’s own reports, dating all the way back to 1988. Yet they rarely if ever mentioned it in public, never put it forward as an official priority, and buried the information in long, omnibus reports about the state of human rights across the globe.

Given that the right to be free from being another’s property is second only to the right to life itself, how can this astonishing refusal to prioritize the plight of slaves by these human rights giants be explained?

The answer sheds light on an unspoken dynamic which motivates Western human rights groups. These organizations are composed mostly of decent white people who care very much to fight against crimes — past and present — they believe to be committed by people like themselves.

Marching under the banner of “not in our name” confers public virtue on the marchers and expiates them from the widespread and widely accepted charges against white, Western culture. Being against apartheid in South Africa meant that a white person who sees white evil and stands against it immediately identifies that person as among “the good whites.”

It matters not that slavery in North Africa is 100 times worse than apartheid in South Africa. The real problem is that blacks are enslaved by Arabs and Muslims. If what matters is the credit one’s white self gets by blasting bad whites, then stories about evil deeds done by non-Westerners distracts from the ultimate goal. Westerners who act this way think they are responding correctly and morally to the claim they have internalized that the West is guilty of the worst crimes in the history of man. They feel the need for expiation. Indeed, one could say that the entire project of AI and HRW is just a glorified apology tour.

There could be more slaves today in the world than at any time in human history — around 40.3 million. Most of these slaves serve people who are not from Western cultures (largely in India), and so campaigning against this — which is clearly much worse than most every other crime with the exception of murder — distracts from the average Amnesty, Human Rights Watch, or United Nations activist’s goal of gaining themselves “innocence” from Western sin. It was only when sexual slavery was found to abound in the West also that the human rights community began to freely use the word “slavery.”

This is a sin. A double sin, in fact: firstly, it makes the West seem much worse than it is, because focusing on Western evil when non-Western evil — which often is so much worse — is ignored, demands an explanation of one’s agenda. The other sin is worse: the great Western human rights “apology tour” abandons those people — victims of non-Western horrors — who need Western humanitarian power and compassion the most. Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, and their ilk should be renamed: “Societies for the Improvement of Western Behavior.”

Read the American Anti-Slavery Group’s reports on the enslavement of blacks in Africa today.