Hot off the presses: Enslaved

Hardcover copies of the brand new book Enslaved: True Stories of Modern Day Slavery have just arrived and are ready to be shipped. Order your copy today at the iAbolish store.

The book reveals the shocking reality of modern day slavery through the eyes of people who have lived it. Edited by former AASG directors Liora Kasten and Jesse Sage, the book features four AASG associates from our Speakers Bureau who tell their own stories of enslavement and survival .

From the book jacket: Twenty-seven million people are estimated to be held in slavery around the world today. This collection of first-hand accounts will raise awareness and show how slavery is thriving in the twenty first century. From poverty-stricken countries to affluent American suburbs, slaves toil as sweatshop workers, sex slaves, migrant workers, domestic servants, and chattel slaves. This groundbreaking collection includes accounts written by ten former slaves and slaveholders in Southeast Asia, Africa, the Middle East, and the United States. From Micheline, a Haitian girl who wound up as a domestic worker in Connecticut, to Abdel, a Sudanese slave owner turned abolitionist, these are stories that will heighten awareness of a global human rights crisis that can no longer be ignored.
Limited time offer! Order a signed copy of Enslaved for $50.

Coming soon: The official Enslaved Web site, featuring book excerpts, multimedia and more!