Free, Feed and Heal the Captives


john_eibner_gives_aid_little_girlFor over a decade The American Anti-Slavery Group and Christian Solidarity International have worked together on eradicating slavery in Sudan.  Our partnership resulted in the liberation of thousands of slaves. Our joint lobbying efforts facilitated the signing of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement in 2005 and the suspension of slave raiding in Southern Sudan. Unfortunately, estimated tens of thousands of Southern Sudanese still remain enslaved in the Muslim North.

CSI and the AASG assist Southern Sudanese communities in locating, redeeming, bringing home and rehabilitating their enslaved family members. This process involves Arab retrievers who locate slaves in Northern Sudan and return them to their homeland in the South.

CSI, which operates the slave liberation program, receives and documents the returning slaves.  Once the documentation has been completed liberated slaves proceed to their villages of origin under the supervision of local chiefs.

After years of suffering, the liberated slaves are returning homeless, malnourished and facing extreme famine – humanitarian aid is pivotal for their survival!

We work to provide every returnee with essentials to begin a new life including food, survival kits, medicine, as well as seeds and hoes for planting.

At the present time the direct costs of “Free, Feed and Heal the Captives” are:

Novidium and supplies for retrievers – $44 per slave
Sorghum ration for consumption, 12 kgs for 4 weeks – $10 per slave
Survival kit – $50 per slave
Sorghum seeds, 6kgs to produce 600-1,200kgs of grain (enough to feed four people for one year) – $5 per slave
Total – $109 per slave

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