Enslaved Launch a Sucess!

On November 15, 2006 activists, abolitionists, supporters, and survivors gathered at the Foundation Lounge in Boston, MA for the release of the American Anti-Slavery Groups book, Enslaved: True Stories of Modern-day Slavery. It was truly an awe-inspiring evening and a resounding success. The editors, Jesse Sage and Liora Kasten, and several of the contributors including activist Gloria Steinem and survivors Micheline Slattery, Beatrice Fernando, and Abuk Bak were in attendance. Nothing could make modern-day slavery seem more real than to be in the presence of so many who have been touched by the issue and moved to action. All of the attending contributors as well as Charles Jacobs, the founder of AASG, and Janie Kiser, the current Project Manager, spoke that evening. Each individual delivered a universal message; a plea for support, activism, and change. Thanks so much to everyone that came and supported the book, the organization, and most importantly the cause!