Charlotte Organizations to Battle Human Trafficking

“Local authorities are launching a program to fight human trafficking in the Charlotte area.

Federal Bureau of Investigation and Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department investigators say hundreds of women from other countries have been brought to the Queen City and forced into prostitution.

The women, and sometimes men and children, are lured to the United States with the promise of a better life and decent jobs.But authorities say the women are put to work as sex slaves, often in brothels in neighborhoods along North Tryon Street, The Plaza and South Boulevard.

They said criminals turn small homes into illegal houses of prostitution and hold the women against their will. In fact, two were shut down last week.

Now local law enforcement agencies and other community organizations are joining the Rescue And Restore Victims Of Human Trafficking education campaign underway in 20 cities and states nationwide. The campaign includes social service providers, child welfare groups, churches and health providers that are helping identify victims of human trafficking.”

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