Call For Papers

The Anti-Human Trafficking Conference held at the University of Missouri-Columbia, is seeking panelists. From their website:


We are seeking panelists from diverse backgrounds, including activists, legislators, academics, NGO representatives, religious groups, and victim advocates. We are also seeking booth and art display proposals that focus on issues relating to human trafficking from individuals and organizations.

We are particularly interested in panel, paper, and booth proposals on the following issues as they relate to trafficking in persons: labor, gender, sex, children, US foreign policy, militarization, economics, politics/policy, the EU, activism, religious perspectives, prevention/protection/prosecution/best practices.

Panel and paper proposals: Each proposal should include a brief abstract explaining the presenter’s main ideas and focus for the talk or paper, and a biographical sketch detailing the presenter’s background and contact/affiliation information. Presenters should plan to present their work and/or research for approximately 20-25 minutes (not including questions). We will consider proposals for both individual presenters that may be grouped with other presenters and full panel proposals.

Booth and art display proposals: Each booth proposal should include a brief description of the organization and nature of the booth. We are also interested in booth proposals from filmmakers who have made films about human trafficking; there may be the opportunity to show excerpts from the films as well. Each art display proposal should include a brief description of the artists’ background, details about the materials necessary to display the artwork, and a description and/or pictures of the art work. Time will be set aside for booth representatives and art creators to talk about their work and answer questions at their booths/displays.

Website: and
Contact: Jessica Jennrich, Associate Chair, Women’s and Gender Studies, University of Missouri-Columbia,

Submission: Proposals should be submitted to and or
Women’s and Gender Studies,
University of Missouri-Columbia
325 General Classroom Building
Columbia, MO 65211-4130

Deadline for Proposals: September 15th, 2007

Conference Dates: March 21, 22, and 23, 2008