BREAKING: U.S. court jails pair for slavery

The BBC News Web site reports that an Egyptian couple were convicted of enslaving a teenage girl in southern California for two years.

According to BBC News, “Abdel Nasser Ibrahim was given three years in prison while his ex-wife, Amal Motelib, received a 22-month sentence.”

“They were also ordered to pay more than $76,000 (£40,500) to the girl for two years of forced labour during which she served the couple’s family of seven.”

The girl, who was forced to work 16-hour days and was barred from being formally educated, will recieve more than $76,000 as part of the settlement and has been granted a visa allowing her to remain in the United States. Ibrahim and Motelib will be deported after their jail terms are up.

The American Anti-Slavery Group applauds the conviction of these two modern day slaveholders. This case is yet another example of not only how real slavery is, but how prevelent it is, even in the United States.

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