Anti-slavery call-in a success; We still need your help!

Dear Supporter,

Recently, we organized a call-in to help Representative Chris Smith gain original co-sponsors for the Eradication of Slavery in Sudan Act, a bill to create an independent commission of experts to ensure the discontinuation and prevention of the enslavement of Sudanese people. Thanks to your calls and letters, the bill gained four new co-sponsors, including Tom Tancredo, Jeff Fortenberry, Frank Wolf, and Diane Watson.

We still need your help to pass this important anti-slavery legislation.

There is still time for you to act to support this bill. We will be extending the call-in all day tomorrow, Friday, July 20, so that if you did not get a chance participate in our last campaign, you can still be a part of this movement.

Your call will help Chris Smith gain the co-sponsorship necessary to pass this critical legislation. The following members of Congress are strongly considering signing onto the bill–give them a call and encourage them to do so!
Name District Office Washington DC Office
Donald Payne (973) 645-3213 (202) 225-3436
Barney Frank (617) 332-3920 (202) 225-5931
Michael Capuano (617) 621-6208 (202) 225-5111
Tom Lantos (650) 342-0300 (202) 225-3531

Here is a sample script of what to say when calling:

“I am calling to urge ____________ to co-sponsor the Eradication of Slavery in Sudan Act. Tens of thousands of people are currently enslaved in Northern Sudan. This is contrary to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which guarantees all people the right to live free from bondage. We must fight these blatant human rights abuses with legislation like the Eradication of Slavery in Sudan Act. Please urge the Congressman/Congresswoman to call Chris Smith’s office and to sign on to this bill.”

If you have not yet signed our petition, please take a moment to let your Congressperson know how important it is that he or she takes meaningful action to put an end to slavery in Sudan. Help us further by forwarding this to 10 friends to help us reach our goal of 390,000 signatures.

In freedom,

The iAbolish Team

PS – AASG associate Simon Deng feels very strongly about this bill and would be out there himself to gain support for this bill if it were not for his recent accident. You can help Simon while he recovers by pushing for the Eradication of Slavery in Sudan Act.