Ancient Lake Offers Hope for Darfur’s Future

“Deep below the troubled and arid land of Sudan’s Darfur region are the remnants of an ancient lake. Scientists say while the lake may have disappeared thousands of years ago, the discovery offers hope of relieving water shortages there today.

The ancient lake was the size of Lake Erie, one of the Great Lakes in the United States. Or to put it another way, it was as big as the US state of Massachusetts. The lake covered just about all of Northern Darfur State, one of three states making up the Darfur region. Scientists found it using satellite radar.

Dr. El-Baz says since water existed in the region for tens of thousands of years, it’s likely much of that water seeped down deep below the surface.

‘Some of that water would still be there as ground water, which means that this is a signal to the people in Darfur that there may be plenty of water down there to resolve many of the real problems,’ he says.”

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