American Anti-Slavery Group’s Call-in for the Eradication of Slavery Act

Representative Chris Smith of New Jersey, a long time supporter of AASG, is trying to reintroduce House Resolution 5911, the Eradication of Slavery in Sudan Act.This bill will create a commission of experts charged with the following:

(1) Identifying the location of slaves in Sudan and ensure their freedom;
(2) Ensuring safe passage of freed slaves and family reunification;
(3) Documenting existing slavery and working to prevent new cases;
(4) Ensuring that former slaves have access to basic social services needed for rehabilitation and reintegration;

(5) Ensuring that enslavers are brought to justice.

You can help make the abolition of slavery in Sudan a reality by adding your voice and participating in the American Anti-Slavery Group’s call-in for HR 5911. The call-in will take place on Tuesday, July 3, from 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. We are targeting the following members of Congress to try to gain original sponsors for the Eradication of Slavery in Sudan Act.

DC Office
State Office
Diane Watson
(202) 225-7084
(323) 965-1422
Donald Payne
New Jersey
(202) 225-3436
(973) 645-3213
Michael Capuano
(202) 225-5111
(617) 621-6208
Frank Wolf
(202) 225-5136
(703) 709-5800
Mel Watt
North Carolina
(202) 225-1510
(704) 344-9950
Barney Frank
(202) 225-5931
(617) 332-3920

Please take the time to call some or all of these legislators, each call you make will have a huge impact. Below is a sample script of what to say when calling:


“I am calling to urge the Congressman/Congresswoman to co-sponsor the Eradication of Slavery in Sudan Act. Tens of thousands of people are currently enslaved in Northern Sudan. This is contrary to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which guarantees all people the right to live free from bondage. We must fight these blatant human rights abuses with legislation like the Eradication of Slavery in Sudan Act. Please urge the Congressman/Congresswoman to call Chris Smith’s office and to sign on to this bill.”