2010 Sudan Freedom Walk Rally in DC

October 7, 2010

Sudanese Americans and their supporters gathered on the front lawn of the Capitol in Washington DC to rally for democracy and freedom from genocide and slavery in Sudan.


The rally is a culmination of the Sudan Freedom Walk – an initiative spearheaded by an escaped slave Simon Deng and the recently deceased NBA star Manute Bol in 2006.  2010 Sudan Freedom Walk aims to focus the world’s attention on the referendum in January of 2011 in which the people of Southern Sudan will determine their future as an independent state or as a part of the unified Sudan. The initiative’s organizers and participants demand that the US government and the international community ensure the vote is free and fair. Besides Simon, other speakers included Dr. Abdel Gabar Adam, Dr. Charles Jacobs, Rev. Gloria White-Hammond, Neimat Ahmadi, the world-famous Sudanese rap artist Emmanuel Jal, and leaders of the Sudanese Diaspora in the US.

2010 Sudan Freedom Walk had a number of goals including:

•    Bringing attention to the upcoming referenda in South Sudan and Abyei
•    Raising awareness about the genocide in Darfur and enslavement of tens of thousands of Sudanese
•    Calling upon the United States government to use all its leverage to ensure the vote in January of 2011 is free, fair and transparent
•    Urging President Obama to stand by the decision of the people of South Sudan and Abyei
•    Symbolizing reconciliation and unity of South Sudanese, Darfurians and other victims of the radical Islamist regime in Khartoum

The Walk culminated in a rally on the front lawn of the Capitol in Washington, DC.  In their speeches the leaders of the Sudanese Diaspora-Christians and Muslims from South Sudan, Darfur and Nuba Mountains – and distinguished Sudan activists expressed solidarity with Simon’s and Dr. Adam’s effort.

The rally included a performance by the renowned rap artist from South Sudan Emmanuel Jal.

The Co-Founder and the President of the American Anti-Slavery Group Dr. Charels Jacobs


Rev. Gloria E. White-Hammond, M.D., a co-founder of My Sister’s Keeper and the Co-Chair of MA Coalition to Save Darfur and Niemat Ahmadi, the Darfuri Liaison Officer with the Save Darfur Coalition and a Founding Member of the Darfuri Leaders Network


Faith McDonnell, Director of the Religious Liberty Program and Church Alliance for a New Sudan at The Institute on Religion and Democracy


Emmanuel Jal Performs at 2010 Sudan Freedom Walk



Sudanese and Americans appeal to President Obama


To watch the recording of the entire event click here

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2010 Sudan Freedom Walk Begins in NY