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Farrakhan's Secret Relationship
Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan addressed an estimated 600 students at UC Berkeley last Saturday, and told  Black students not to befriend any Jew without first reading “The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews,” a book whose thesis is that “the Jews” were behind the black slave trade.  Heck of a way to start up a friendship!

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Free, Feed and Heal the Captives As South Sudan begins the process of nation building, we are concerned about the fate of estimated tens of thousands of Southerners still enslaved in the north. Those freed report daily beatings, rape (of girls, boys and women), and forcible religious conversions. People murdered and mutilated in slave raids, branded like animals. Children sold off and separated from their parents forever.
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Will Freedom Come for Sudan's Slaves? On Jan. 9, the people of South Sudan began their week-long referendum to decide whether to separate from the Arab-Muslim North and form an independent country. But Achol Yum Deng didn't vote. Though she has more reasons to seek separation from the North than most of her countrymen, she couldn't register: Since 1998, Achol was a slave serving her master in the North and was only liberated just before the voting began. Read the Full Story

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The Imam and the Slaves

This article first appeared in The Jewish Advocate

The Imam and the Slaves

By Charles Jacobs

April 22, 2010

I was in Israel for Pesach, near Ashkelon - not all that far from where the rockets fall. At our Seder I was reminded, as I am each year at this time, of the Passover I spent in South Sudan 10 years ago, witnessing the emancipation of slaves. At the point where the Haggadah commands us to remember that we Jews were slaves in Egypt, I privately re-lived a stunning moment in Sudan: John Eibner of Christian Solidarity International stood in front of hundreds of black African women and children and explained that money had been paid to their masters and now they were free. I had never experienced - and don't expect to ever again - such cries and dances of joy.


A Message from AASG President, Charles Jacobs

charlesjacobsDear friends,

You know us-American Anti-Slavery Group -as the small, feisty set of abolitionists who broke the stunning story that modern day human bondage thrives around the globe.. You know us as the people who helped free slaves in Sudan and America. You know as those who helped former slaves educate tens of thousands about slavery. And you know us as the folks who successfully helped press the US government to stop the genocide and slave raids in South Sudan.


Interview with the AASG's Simon Deng

"Sudan's Extermination of Christians"

By Heather Robinson

This article was first published by the Center for Security Policy

August 27, 2009

As a child, American human rights activist Simon Deng survived brutal enslavement by Islamists and witnessed their destruction of his village in Sudan. Today, at 50, Deng is an American citizen and one of the leading advocates for the rights of his people, the Christians of South Sudan. In 2006 he organized a walk from the United Nations to the Capitol in Washington D.C. to protest the massacre of Darfuri Muslims by the government of Sudan, the same government that he says has brutalized Sudan's Christians, killing over three and a half million since 1955 through slaughter and starvation.


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